Fly Away Days
“It helped that her blowout looked fabulous, so when she’d say something mean & ugly, I just focused on her hair. It was one of her redeeming qualities.”

Coming of age is a remarkable time often accompanied with an influx of confusion and lack of self confidence. Fly Away Days explores this milestone and beyond through the lenses of a young boy, Evan Calhoun, living in the Old South. As the story unfolds, we learn of Evan’s big secret, and his talent and dreams as he comes of age in a small town with even smaller minds.

Evan’s insecurities, second guesses and successes are brought to life, showing what it’s like to navigate a barely-paved road as well as the reward of having the bravery to do so. As a gay kid growing up in the God-fearing, glamour-deficient town of Carthage, North Carolina, Evan counted down the days until he could break free. Shackled by his southern religious upbringing, Evan leads a fairly straight and churchgoing life until one afternoon when he’s pushed too far in his high school cafeteria. That day, Evan discovers the true joy of sinning.